Why is it important to make sure my loved ones and I are fully protected in the event of an accident?

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Although the minimum requirement in California is to carry LIABILITY insurance only with a 15/30 policy, it just is not enough.

Liability insurance compensates a person other than the policyholder for personal injury or property damage. Comprehensive or collision insurance does not meet vehicle financial responsibility requirements.You need sufficient liability insurance coverage in this type of roll-over accident.

You need to protect yourself! I have a client who recently was severely injured in an auto accident. His truck was overturned and he lost consciousness. It was not his fault! However, the other driver is claiming it is his fault and currently it has not been determined whose fault it was. My client needed medical treatment ASAP. I contacted his carrier to find out he only has LIABILITY insurance. Guess what? That means he is in a really bad position. Yes, the person who hit him has insurance but they are disputing the claim so we cannot seek medical care through that carrier, which is quite tragic.

This is a very sad situation for my client, his family and his business. If he had FULL coverage, he would have been OK for now. We are getting him the medical attention he needs, which is of the utmost important part of this.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to make certain you have FULL coverage, comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist coverage and under-insured motorist coverage.

Here is an example of why it is so important; if you are hit and injured by someone who has no insurance you have to rely on your insurance. If you don’t, in this case, have uninsured motorist coverage you have nothing to fall back on. Another example is if you are severely injured in an auto accident and your medical bills exceed the person’s policy limit you are out of luck.

Most important is that you get the medical care you need and the rest will be figured out in the end.

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