The Law Office of Erin M. Polisano is dedicated to provide compassionate, professional and experienced representation to all our clients. It is my duty to represent all our clients with dignity and understanding. I will explain the process of your particular case in common language so you will understand exactly what is going on, at all times, as to your case.

Whether we take on a large corporation or an employer, most lawsuits are defended by insurance companies. I’ve spent eight years representing one of the largest insurance companies in America. I know how they work, what makes them tick and I have the knowledge over those eight years of knowing how far they will go in defending a case. I have experience in knowing the settlement value of your case and the position the defense will take.


  • Personal Injury (auto v. auto, auto v. pedestrian, assault and battery, etc.)
  • Premises Liability (slip and fall / trip and fall)
  • Products Liability
  • Criminal Defense

Because of your accident, you may be facing medical expenses and pain and suffering. You should not be responsible for these costs and losses.

There is no charge for a consultation to discuss your case. Our job is is to relieve you of any pressure you may be having in paying for or receiving any medical treatment and assistance for your particular case.